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Customer's Feedback

There was an issue using other company's safety pins used to hold the name tag of souvenir dolls at a Theme Park in Tokyo, so there was a request to change pins into domestic safety pins.NEW
A customer from Saudi Arabia, said, "I accidentally washed a cloth with a lock pin in the washing machine. Normally, China-made pins would be broken. But i was surprised that it wasnt broken! I was impressed by the durability of Japan-Made, Matsuo made product!

Lock pin guideline

Our safety pins are made in key shaped structure using spring so that the needle won’t detach easily.
This locking structure was developed in 1961 and it’s utility model and structure was also patented.
Our products locking mechanism gave birth to the “Lockpin”name .
We have been producing safety pins for more than half a century and we have been constantly trying to improve the quality of our products by using more advanced technology providing our customers with better products and reliable security.
Currently there other companies selling safety pins with similar locking structures but none with the quality and reliability of Matsuo company.

Commitment to Quality, Reliable and Safe

Our products are made up plastic resin head and a stainless steel needle.
The raw material we use is of the highest quality making sure that the color does not fade with time.
The needle is also made of stainless steel which does not rust or bend easily.
The stainless steel is made using advanced processing technology which involves a 7 steps polishing process.
This technology can be considered as pride of Japan ensuring quality and reliability.
These needles can penetrate even thick clothes with ease and can be pulled out smoothly ensuring there is no damage to the fabric.

World Class Made in Japan

In 1960, we acquired the legal utility model registration and design registration.
The needle has been changed from a conventional safety pin (nickel plating) to a hard, non-rusting stainless steel, and the head has been made colorful by making it plastic.
In addition, we made structure that the needle does not come off easily and made manufacturing patent and various products and acquired utility model.
Its durability and safety are recognized worldwide and exported to the world.