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 Relieved to the baby. 
(Safety pin)is also safe to use baby Lock pin of Matsuo Mfg.Co.,Ltd..

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 Our needle is a needle made with the tip processing technique that made full use of Japanese the highest technique proud of.

Because it is stainless steel, It does not easily turn firmly and is not rusted.

It took seven times of processes and study hard and is polished up.
== Process ==

  Distal portion
 1: Needle tip dating forward.
 2: Taper processing  1
 3: Taper processing  2
 4: Shine 1
 5: Shine 2

  6:Body polish  processing1
 7:Body polish  processing2 

It's produced over seven steps.

Reflector strap(HEART)Reflector strap(STAR)
(Microprism sheet reflector strap)

As the strap that lunch is stylish.
If it becomes dark, a microprism sheet reflects it.
I protect an important family and pet dog.

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  Opening or closing the needle and sliding the cap.

  Because the needle is completely outside, it's more secure.

  Not Could be strengthened.

  Patented August 13, 2010. (Super lock pin)

A patent locking structure.

Lock pin needles

We used the best needles. It was made of processing technology for leading-edge technology in Japan.

The steel, is unbending and never rusts easily.

The polishing process is made by seven steps.

You can put a needle into the cloth very smoothly and you can pulled it out with out any spot in your fabric.

This technology is best for un damage fabric.

History of patent safety

In 1960, the traditional safety (nickel plated), the stainless steel needle to rust harder , Chaged to colorful plastic heads.

The tip does not goes at easily from the plastic head.

Making various products and manufacturing patents, utility models was obtained.

with this structure, the needles are 100% safe.

In 1976, the production method of a plastic safety (brooch type) Jewel lock pin patent was applied .. And its submitted in 1978.

In 2000, successfully developed an innovative product that will guarantee safety.

with a cap put on the body,

Opening or closing the needle and slide the cap.

Because the needle is completely inside, safety is secured Could.

Super Cubes sticking in Wish on 2009 To open or close the lid of the cap structure?

This is a form of product hippo gaping?

since 1960.Safety in earnest seeking a more secure, a number of patented technologies cultivated,

We have noted four benefits from this product.

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