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      Matsuo Seisakusho Co.,ltd was established in 1965.
      We are manufacturing and selling safety pins fashion pins,stop fray,key chains,sewing rings,and eco toothpicks.

      We produced the unique 7 step processed stainless steel safty pin with plastic cap,First in japan.
      Which was subsequently patented.

      Now we are exporting our product in asia,north america,and other countries.
      Our company was awarded by Ministry of International Trade and Industry for our export contributions.

      Our company commitment is "safty and security" also fashionable.
      Our product was developed by adding various color head.

      Since then,based on "trust and safty", We continue to develop our products with design and color variation.
      We are proud to use the best quality and tecnology,which is the Characteristic of japan.

Front side view of main building

         manufacturing section                                     packing section

     Address :

     P.O# 4228026
TEL  ;
FAX  ;

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