-- Please use safely. --

   Please use safely.

 Portion of the lock pin is stainless steel needle sharp.   Same as cutlery.

 Do not store the tip of the Lock pin, extended leave, please never stop.
     A small infant children rising into the mouth anything, is expected to potentially serious accidents and unexpected secondary swallowed accidentally stepped on.

You can stab people for throwing or swinging stainless steel parts Lockpin, please not let children play absolutely simply the small children.
    The prediction is a potential serious accident blindness.

 The stitch of Lockpin please keep an infant out of reach of small child in the state that the stitch locked it by all means that is sharp in sharpness.

 The needle is pointed to the sharp Lockpin, like when you put on clothes with tags attached, please make sure an adult only children without childhood.

 Lockpin head is like using a plastic, such as a heater or in direct contact with fire in the heating oil, please do not close within easy reach.
     Cause discoloration or deformation of the fire.

 Please do not disassemble or modify deliberately Lockpin.
     Risk is expected to be plugged into your body.

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