-- History of patents --
In 1960, a brand ulockpin(registered trademark)vwas released as a"lockable safety pin".
In order to meet the customer's needs, we focused on quality/design improvement to develop a safety pin that can be used in various situations.
From fashionable products to high quality safety pins, please have a look at our variety of safety pin [lockpin].

The traditional safety (nickel plated), the rust-hardened stainless steel needle to change the head and was in colorful plastic.

And then the needle is not easily detached, making various products and manufacturing patents, utility models acquired.

In 1961, the lock pin (registered trademark) is termed safety pin was sold.

Since its launch, to meet the needs of customers, as well as the design and improvement, now have a wide variety to suit its use.

In 1970, the production method of a plastic safety pin (brooch type) have been published patent jewel lock pin, patented in 1978.

In 2000, successful development of innovative products that will guarantee safety.

Put a cap on the body, or open or close the needle and slide the cap.

This is because the needle out without completely able to enhance safer.

Was patented August 13, 2010. (Super lock pin)

Patented a method for manufacturing safety dichroism (Tear Drop)

Was patented September 30, 2011.

2009 in sticking wish (Super Cube)

Was structured to open and close the lid of the cap.
This hippo (animal) is a gaping product form.

Safety in earnest since 1960, seeking a more secure, a number of patented technologies cultivated, we have noted that he benefits from today.

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