What is a "Lockpin" safety pin?

Purpose of use

The safety pin is mainly used to temporarily pin the fabric etc.
Its uses varies such as for fashion, or for daily necessary use.
Can also be used for kimonos and scarfes made of high quality fabrics (silk and cashmere).
It is a product that you can count on for people's safety and durability for fabric.

Indian Traditional Clothing Saree Use

Indian women often wear sarees, and their patterns and materials vary. Often being used as a design for their saree. In India it is called sareepin.

Islamic women clothing Use

Muslim women must be unobtrusive for religious customs. (Wearing hijab / himal) In the Islamic world it is called hijab pin.

Japanese Clothes Use

Pins that does not damage the fabrics are required for scarfes and thin cashmere-type materials, Japanese traditional clothes like kimono because of its high quality silk.

Clothes and playschool use

It is useful for keeping things in place and a little accent for name tag.

For Bags as an accessory.

Ideal for your bag's accessory.

As emergency equipment during emergency

It is very useful in the time of emergency. Strong in water, can be used as a curtain hook, and can be used when making alternative clothes. Convenient to use in times of evacuation.

As a reflector

Ensuring safety as nighttime reflectors. We also have a brooch pin that has LED light.

For tablecloths and curtains

Can be used for tablecloths and curtains inside the house.


The needle tip does not damage the fabric.
・The tip of the needle was polished 7 times, it is made to penetrate the fabric more sharply and smoothly.
・Because we are using STAINLESS STEEL the needle tip does not easily bend or rust.

No detachment of needle and pin head
・The pin head is LOCK TYPE.
・Furthermore, we also have pins that has lock function on the pin's cap in order not to be easily detached.