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Flash Move

Specifications: Body: Metallic resin Light emitting part: LED

Size: Length 60.0mm Width 24.7mm Thickness 17.0mm Weight 13.0g

(From top) Silver, Violet, Pink

We installed LED lights on the safety pins. There is basically no "forgetting" once it's on. Attach to the bag and hat you carry around every day to ensure safety at night!

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Deco Pin

Specifications: ABS plastic needle; stainless steel

Size: Length 44.6 mm Width 14.8 mm Thickness 11.7 mm Weight 2.0 g

Flower, ribbon and star design

The pin is decorated based on our jewel lock pin.

Cover Pin

Specifications: head; metallic resin screw; stainless steel

Size: Length 43.5 mm Width 10.0 mm Thickness 15.8 mm (including pin) Weight 0.8 g

Used as a pin for chairs and sofa's cover.

Keyholder (Star & Heart)

Specifications: Ring;Stainless   Bell; Nickel plated

Heart substance: Using high quality micro prism sheet reflector

Size: Length; (including ring) 56.0 mm / Length (Heart) 36.8 mm Width 36.0 mm Thickness 5.5 mm

There are other types, star-shaped, with safety pin attached

It is a reflector key ring that can be attached to bags, etc. Made from a material that reflects light well.。

Sewing Ring

Specifications: Head Part: ABS resin

Size: Length 14.0mm Width 19.0mm Thickness 5.0mm Weight 1.0g

Protects the finger during sewing. You can easily sew even a thick cloth that is difficult to pass through.

Eco toothpick

Specifications:(Toothpick part)Needle Tip:Stainless  Handle Part;High Quality Pearl Resin

Size: Length 54.0mm Width 17.5mm Thickness 8.5mm Weight 2.0g

It is eco-friendly. Re-usable because of its stainless steel needle tip. Very convenient to carry.

Solar Car Pad

Size: 250mm × 150mm

Removes cigarrette odor and smell from the car's air conditioner by simply putting it on the dashboard. Removes volatile organic compounds that cause sick car syndrome.

\4,000(Tax included)

Platinum Dissolution Mask

Decomposes organic compounds contained in viruses, bacteria, and PM2.5 into water and carbon dioxide by platinum titanium catalyst. Platinum-titanium catalytic effect works by sun drying it after one day of use. Re-usable.

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