Tensile Strength Test

Shizuoka Industrial Technology Center - Implemented in 2015

Test machine: 「Tensilon Universal testing machine」 (Orientec.Co.Ltd.) (AND Co.Ltd.)

Initial load 2N (about 0.2 kg) * For setting stability

Test speed 10 mm / min * reverse calculation from damage.

Test Method

Prepare 10 test pins and test 10 times. ※ Jewel Lock is tested 6 times for both ABS and meta.

Pin the pin through the 6.9 mm flat hook into the test device and pull the part of the needle. The test is terminated when the needle is deformed or damaged.

* Image referrence

テストの画像 テストの画像
テストの画像 テストの画像


Stainless Needle

Our needle is made by advanced processing technology that makes full use of the most advanced technology in Japan. Because it is stainless steel, it does not easily bend or rust.
It is polished through seven processes.

== Process content / tip part ==
1. Needle tip ⇒ 2. Taper processing 1 ⇒ 3. Taper processing 2 ⇒ 4. Polish 1
⇒ 5. Polishing 2 ⇒ 6. Torso polishing 1 ⇒ 7. Torso polishing 2.
We manufacture our pins with these 7 steps.

Accumulation of experience and basic data

Since our establishment, we have been researching daily based on our experience and data. We changed the needle from the conventional safety pin (nickel plating) to stainless steel that is hard and not rusty, and made the head plastic. In addition, we made the structure so that the needle does not easily come out and made manufacturing patent and various products and acquired utility model. In 1970, a patent issued to Jewel Lock Pin, a method of manufacturing plastic safety pins (brooch type), was patented in 1978. In 2000, succeeded in developing an innovative product with more secure safety. Put a cap on the body and slide the cap to close and open the needle. Because of this, the needle could not be removed at all, and we could further enhance the safety. Obtained a patent in 2010 (Super lock pin) Patent application for two-color safety pin manufacturing method (Teardrop) 2005 September 30, 2011 patented. (Registered trademark) A safety pin named Lock Pin (registered trademark) sold in 1961. Since its release, in order to meet the needs of customers, we have added a variety of modifications and designs that can be used according to the application.

Acquisition permission list
Patent Safety pin super lock two color safety pin and method of manufacturing the same
Utility model Flash Move
Design registration Safety pin ace safety pin cube toothpick
Trademark registration Super lock LOCK Jewel Lock lockpin (logo) pitatto Earth mark М (logo) LOCKPIN / lock pin

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